Sober Living Houses and Mental Illness by Kartar Diamond

Sober Living Houses fulfill a need and help people with drug or alcohol problems become sober. The people who move into a Sober Living house voluntarily are likely to be more successful than those who are court-ordered to live there, but each person has their own unique history with addiction and their own time table and their own resolve to change. Sober Living houses are often located in residential neighborhoods, indistinguishable from surrounding private homes. In order to maintain good standing in the [...]

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How Does a Mentally Ill Person Get Diagnosed? by Kartar Diamond

In the span of six weeks, back in the summer of 2007, my son received several different diagnoses, with each of four separate hospitalizations. The varying diagnoses ranged from schizoaffective disorder, to bipolar disorder with psychotic features, to schizophrenia paranoid type. Only six months prior, the first diagnosis was schizophrenia and a month later downgraded to Social Anxiety by the same doctor. For many people, it is difficult to get an accurate diagnosis. First of all, it may take a long time before [...]

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