Mental Illness Awareness Week: “Noah’s Schizophrenia”

See the video as seen on KATU 2

Kartar Diamond interviewed on the Loretta Brown Show

Kartar Diamond interviewed by Stephanie James from the The Spark Pod

Kartar Diamond interviewed by Naomi Pascoe from the The Lonely Parent

“A Mother’s Search for Truth”

Thursdays with NAMI, Raleigh North Carolina

“High Road to Humanity” Kartar’s Interview with Nancy Yearout

NAMI Santa Fe, New Mexico Interviews Kartar Diamond


Kartar Diamond is available for local and national interviews, presentations, workshops, or Mental Health panels. She welcomes any invitations for Book Signings and Readings from her memoir, in-person or on-line. A wide variety of mental illness topics and family member support recommendations can be stylized for a specific audience.

Kartar Diamond is also available as a guest writer or blogger for media or advocacy groups in need of content regarding serious mental illness and the impact on family members.